The first breath of that tinny bundle will alter your perspective in life forever.
Thats when your life begins anew.
— Heather Straus



Fresh 48:

Captured between 2-48 hours after birth inside the

  • hospital
  • birth center
  • home birth

These are not birth photos. Your photographer will come to your hospital as soon as you give word of the birth, or a prior picked time.

Typically photos taken during this time are not so professional. Because let's face it, hospital lighting is horrible. This session allows the new mother to relax instead of worrying about capturing those first few hours.


Book a newborn session get a free Fresh 48 included.


Newborn in studio:

The sweet spot age to photograph a newborn is between 4-14 days. The reason being is as a baby is born their bones are still forming so they are able to be molded into those adorable pretzel-like poses you see so often online. After the 14 day time frame their bones are in a state of hardening and they are less flexible with more and more time out of the womb.

However some exceptions can be made. Some newborns are naturally more flexible then others.

Or babies that were born breach. When babies are breach typically they are folded in half in the womb, therefore they are able to get into those tough poses like the "taco" easier then other babies.

Another exception are those born early or needing NICU/PICU stay. Just because they excede the 14 day sweet spot, doesn't mean they can't still be coached into certain poses.


When to book

Typically new mothers, or even if this is not your first child, book as soon as you know your due date. Or around 20 weeks. Booking early can ensure your date as I have limited dates available. 

If you don't get a chance to book early this doesn't mean you can't. Just contact me before the two weeks.

My most recent birth of my son, Mark, spent 5 days in the NICU. So I can understand how hard it is when the little bundles can't come home right away and you may miss the window of opportunity. Don't freat. Depending on how early your littles were born there is always a chance they can still be photographed. They just may need a little more encouragement.


Milestone Sessions

After the 14 day sweet spot, newborns in my opinion are no longer new. With the exception of NICU/PICU stay. After the 2 weeks are up a new baby's session is considered a milestone session.

Milestone sessions mark the growth of your new baby as they grow into a tiny human. These are usually done once a month proceeding the newborn session. However it is not necessary to get professional photos once a month. I suggest the important milestones to get are:

  • Newborn
  • 6-9 Month Sitter
  • 12 Month (or Cake Smash)


Selection of headbands & Wrap colors available.

Selection of headbands & Wrap colors available.


This is extremely important information for your visit to the studio. As I set the parameters of my studio to best photograph newborns, all you need to bring is yourself, baby(s), a swaddle, pacifier, diapers/wipes, and some form of food for the baby(s).

Studio is set to a balming 80 degrees. A warm baby is a happy baby.

I do not provide snacks because of too many possible food allergies in you or baby. So please bring a snack, if you are breastfeeding I encourage you to bring food!

Don't forget Water!

Please click "Prep Sheet" to be taken to the day of session prep sheet I have exclusively created to help my parents prepare for their session. I highly encourage each parent to follow the instructions so the session runs as swiftly and smoothly as possible.

This sheet will also be provided to you when you book a session.

New product: Photoblocks

Ask about products that are only available for newborn sessions. Like this wood photoblock!

Ask about products that are only available for newborn sessions. Like this wood photoblock!


Captured in Time

Captured in Time