Having a strong community creates connections that would otherwise never be discovered. Surprisingly humans strive to connect with eachother every day. So tapping into a natural need for a sense of belonging is where SAPE (Straus Arts Photography Experience) stems from. I don't have "new clients" I have new friends. Building trust with my friends first is how my community is born.

"SAPE" -  Straus Arts Photography Experince

Be apart of something beyond just another client.

You are now apart of an exclusive idea that stems from an age old conquest of togetherness. To be a SAPE you are not only telling others you value the creative outlet of photography, but you are also willing to let somebody into your life to capture key points in yours. Photography stills time. Let Straus Arts Photography capture your important moments.

Who wants a photography experience they can get from any other photographer? By giving my loyal clients an experience to remember I'm not only exceeding their expectations, I'm also building a friendship. It doesn't matter your age, occupation, race, or sexual orientation, you are a human that deserves to have Art not just another photograph on the wall.


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